Rape survivor forced to drink poison in Delhi’s Dwarka

Film ‘Simmba’, a super-cop drama starring Ranveer Singh, has crossed 350 Crores globally. The film is average but still enjoyed by the viewers. It touched the issue of rape and the stringent legal procedure which follows. The film is still in the theatres and another heinous rape reported in the Capital.

A minor rape survivor was forced to drink poison in order to stomp on the chances of proving the rape. The girl was returning home from her tuition in Dwarka’s Hastsal area. The incident took place on Thursday evening.

According to news agency PTI, in the official police complaint, the girl alleged that when she was returning home two bike-borne men intercepted her way and threatened her of dire consequences if she gave the statement against the rape accused in the court. Shockingly, when the girl refused to do so the miscreants caught hold of her and forced her to drink poison.

The girl in a semi-conscious state went to Deen Dayal Upadhyay hospital in an autorickshaw. The police officials mentioned that she was now out of danger. The survivor approached the police and a case was registered against the two men in Uttam Nagar police station.

However, the rape accused recently came out on bail. And a case of kidnapping and rape was registered against him at Ranhola police station in 2018, police said.

When will it stop?

Rape, watch, discuss and repeat. That’s the India of today. The isolation of the place now hardly matters as crowded places are also prone to rape. In October 2017, a 20-year old girl was raped on a footpath in the broad daylight in Vizag. (Read more – Rape. Watch. Discuss. Repeat. That’s the India of today. and Rapes In India: Delhi To Vizag, From The Dark To During The Day Light )

To awaken the conscience, we don’t require films. In should come naturally to us. The upbringing matters a lot. The consistent horrendous such rapes tell a lot about the position of women in our society and it is not high, which we boast of.

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