Rape. Watch. Discuss. Repeat. That’s the India of today.

By:Indu Indira Lala

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Insensitivity touches an all-time high, as callous onlookers
JUST watch and video a rape-in- motion in broad daylight

A 20 year old drunk man raped a woman in broad daylight in the footpath of a
road in Vizag, Andhra Pradesh. The incident happened a day ago at 2 pm. The
victim was sitting on a footpath, under a tree, near railway quarter. The man
who was drunk came upon her and forcibly raped her.
Point to note – This was not a deserted lonely place. There were passers-by in
the area. None of them came to help her. People looked at the episode, gave a
standing ovation for few minutes, and carried on with their lives. An auto driver
recorded the trauma of the woman on a video, and reported it to the police in
the vicinity. The police later arrested the youth and took him into custody.
As the video gathered momentum in social media, every networking site across
the expanse of internet went mad over the pathetic issue. People commented,
criticized, counter comments flew. The virtual outrage was louder than the real
response that people showed at the incidence spot, where people did nothing!
Question – If you see a woman being raped in broad daylight by a drunkard
man, in front of your eyes, what will you do?

a) Immediately click a snap of the act
b) Quickly set the video camera ON and record the act
c) Immediately webcast the act, “Live” via video phone to all groups
d) Become a full fledged Citizen Journalist, start working on the scoop-filled
story, and make the most of this amazing fame of opportunity
e) Go and slap the man and pin him down to the ground
f) Pull the woman away from the agony and give her cover
g) Drape the woman with a fabric, to save her privacy – whatever little is
left of it
A new media based society, where Prayer meetings, Obituary gatherings and
13 th day death ceremonies are all photo-op and “Selfie” opportunities… Thus,
keeping in line with the new-media tradition, woman’s nudity too has become
an onlooker’s privilege in India. See a woman in distress – video it, snap it, talk-
talk-and- talk about it. And you’re done. Your responsibility ends there.
Onlookers stand by, watch it live and video it. Media talks of it. Social media
barks on it. That’s it.
Citizen Journalism is a more important activity to do, rather than save a woman
in distress. India shows how insensitive it has become, when it comes to

woman’s helpless plight. Electronic media goes abuzz with the news, websites
burn their digital ink writing it out. Social media blasts on top of its lungs at the
dastardly act. A helpless woman’s nudity gives gossip topics galore. And then,
life moves on.
Next please. Which road? Which city? Shout Louder Please . . .!

What do you think?

Written by Sharad Maverick

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