Rise In The Leopard Attacks In The Aarey Colony

Aarey is under severe threat after the High-court of Maharashtra has dismissed the protest against cutting down trees in the forest. The minister of environment, forest and climate change (MoEF&CC) have also recently written down a complaint against threats to the natural living habitat of the forest.

The letter has been pen down to the state forest department asking for action against the destruction of the leopard’s habitat in Aarey. The letter has been written down with the assistance of the joint director, wildlife, MOEFCC, New Delhi on Thursday and directed the chief wildlife warden of the state to take necessary action against the mass destruction caused to the forest, wildlife, and non-forest activities in Aarey forest.

Major threats are making noise from the Goregaon (east) of leopard attacks due to close proximity to the Sanjay Gandhi National park (SGNP). Many localities in the region have kept their doors and windows shut due to fear of future attacks. Nights are daunting as they can hear the growl of the predators making its way through these villages in search of food.

Leopard attacks in an around of the Aarey region have nearly killed the ignorant due to which the forest department cordoned off a five-km radius for almost two months until the leopard was caught.

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Written by Sanghamitra Gogoi

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