Send 5 Non-Indian Families To India Every Year: Request PM To NRI’s In Houston

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has requested all the Indians living abroad to send at least five non- Indian families to India as a tourist every year. This request has been made in the United States on Sunday.

He says- “Can you do something for me? It is a small request. I am saying this to all Indians living all across the globe. You take a decision that every year, each one of you will send at least five non-Indian families to India as a tourist.

The request was made taking in the ground of Eternal Gandhi Museum while unveiling the plague of the ceremony, inauguration of the Gujarat Samaj of Houston Event Centre and a Siddhi Vinayak temple.

The PMO took to the tweeter- “The Eternal Gandhi museum will be a prized cultural landmark in Houston. I have been associated with this effort for a while. It will surely make Gandhi Ji’s thoughts popular among the youth.”

Modi also thanked the Indian community in Houston for setting the stage for a “glorious future” of Indi-US ties.

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