Shimla traffic skyrockets due to tourist inrush

The tourism industry in India is booming at a fast pace. Shimla recently saw a deathly traffic jam that kept more then thousands got stuck along with all other tourists in the Shimla and Manali route.

Image source: Hill Post

It was Saturday evening when the incident took over the news where a long traffic jam was witnessed on the roads leading- Shimla from Shoghi and Kufri from the Dhali tunnel. The reasons given by the passengers were heavy rainfall and inadequate parking areas. It is noted that more than 4,500 tourist vehicles enter Manali and 5,000 from Shimla every day, creating the condition of the traffic more worst.

“As Shimla doesn’t have enough parking spaces, the tourist has no choice but to park their vehicles on roadsides, which leads to traffic jams,” says Kamal Kishor, Deputy Superintendent of Police (traffic) to Hindustan Times.

It is also told that the traffic increases during peak seasons. A visitor from Ludhiana says the Times of India- “ We are on the third visit to Shimla. But this time, the number of vehicles in Shimla was relatively larger, We got stuck in a traffic jam near Chotta Shimla for nearly an hour.” The hotels were jam-packed with the crowd from different places and were booked in full capacity. Also, Shimla is well-liked due to its pleasant climate. But, this Saturday the climate has taken a back seat.

Congestion has always been the issue in many places where passengers get jammed in a place for a long time thus draining them impatient. Cars are never seen parked in the areas allotted to them rather they are seen in between the road thus blocking the way for many others. There should be proper traffic guidelines and traffic policing during peak hours.

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