The US Says ‘No Policy Change’ For Kashmir

A total of 19 people out of which seven were men and two women were shot dead and later hanged with their hands bound from an overpass on Bulevar Industrial around 5:30 am. This incident happened in Mexico on Thursday.

Image source: The Hindu

According to reports, the Jalisco New Generation Cartel took responsibility for the deaths, including the Viagras gang, which is a branch of the Nueva Familia Michoacana cartel. They have left a message for the same- “We want to make clear that whoever helps La Chatarra, Ronal, Raton, Moto, Mono Verde, Maniaco or Filos will end up like this,” the message read. “Kind people, go on with your routine. Be patriotic, and kill a Viagra.”

The police officials later found bodies of six men and one woman under the pedestrian overpass on the same boulevard. More bodies were later discovered in the Ampliacion Revolution neighborhood and had been dismembered.

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