To battle outside, let’s end the one we’re seeing within: Gurjar reservation & Pulwama attacks

The nation has been drenched in mourning due to Pulwama attack. They are posting messages, planning candle walks, trying to collect funds for the family of the martyrs, etc. A fire has ignited in the hearts of us, the citizens of India, except few.

It’s the more than a week since Gurjar sat on the railway tracks.(source: Their demand is to get reservations. The state government kept it’s promise and gave them 5% reservation. Still they are immovable. The bill will take its own time to be approved the parliament as the total reservation is going to be more than 50% in Rajasthan. They demand it’s completion within 2 days.

We ‘Citizens of India’ can’t progress if we keep our individual insignificant matters ahead of the nation’s cause. Everyone conquered India just because of this factor. Gurjar are not new in this case. Keeping community before nation is their way of living.

We are already under the effects of terrorism. They are the enemies of the nation. What about the Gurjar who are not mourning and disrupting the lifeline of the nation? Who gave them the right to keep their community ahead of the nation’s cause? No matter how intense their situation is, it should not be greater than the Nation’s cause. They should stop their movement and let the government do its job.

We all know that united we stand and divide we fall. Right now, we have more important things to focus rather than deal with the reservation. Meanwhile, we appeal them to be sensitive and to keep the nation ahead of your community’s interest. Remember, reservations will exist only when we live.

What do you think?

Written by Sugat Srivastava

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