UP Government felicitates meritorious Fire-Fighters, Civil Defense and Home guards

An initiative, worth appreciating, was taken by the UP government to honor Fire-fighting, Civil Defense and Home Guard services personnel. They were given award for showcasing bravery in life-threatening situations. 

The move by the State government is remarkable as these services are neglected in awe of military, police and paramilitary services. Though the importance is well-known but it vanishes when these services seek acknowledgement. 

The award ceremony took place in New Delhi. President Ramnath Kovind did the honors. Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh also made his presence felt. There were around 250 awardees in 4 categories. Among them, 1 received the award posthumously as he sacrificed his life in a rescue operation. The awards were – Gallantry Award, Distinguished Service Awards, Fire Service President Meritorious Medal and Meritorious Award for Civil Defense and Home Guards.  

Following are the photos of the ceremony: 

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