Water shutdown in Bangalore on 21&22 July

Water supply will be affected in Bengaluru due to refurbishing by the Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board (BWSSB). Bangalore water supply shall remain shut two days – Sunday and Monday. Cauvery water supply for the entire city will be affected as pumping stations at Torekadanahalli, Harohalli and Tatagani will not be functional.

An official release from the BWSSB further stated that pumping stations at Torekadanahalli, Harohalli and Tataguni, where Cauvery water is treated before it is pumped to the city, will not be functional between 8 am and 2 am.

“The work of replacement of 220KV metering CT & PT for refurbishment of surge protection system is proposed to be taken on 21.07.19 and 22.07.19. In view of this CWSS Stage 1,2,3,4, phase 1 & 2 pumping system at T.K.halli, Harohalli and Tataguni will not be functioning on 21.07.19 to 22.07.19 (08:00am- 2:00am), which may disrupt water supply on these two days in entire Bangalore City. Public are requested to cooperate with the Board,” reads a statement issued by the BWSSB.

This is not the first time that such an instance has taken place. In December 2018, the BWSSB had issued a similar statement in view of leakage along a pipeline dug 7 meters below the ground. At the time, it issued a release announcing that water would not be available for 12 hours due to the leak in one of the major pipelines which brought water into the city.

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