These recent years have been a dream run for the Bhartiya Janta Party( BJP). From getting the standalone majority in the Loksabha Elections in 2014 to forming a government with 3/4 th majority in Uttar Pradesh; the party has come a long way indeed. And now it is on the upsurge even in the municipal elections conducted recently in Uttar Pradesh. These results are a proof of the strength of BJP as a party, which is not going to fade away anytime soon. After the loss in the 2009 loksabha elections, the man who revolutionized the BJP politics was none other than Modi himself. The results were path-breaking. The combination of Modi and Amit Shah is potent enough to ensnare the political scenario in India, and it is exactly what they are doing. These wins just depict how strong the ground base BJP has.

The leadership has made the people believe in their own set narrative, and as always seen in history, a good orator ( like Modi) and a visionary always beguiles the masses. He has led the people to believe in whatever he believes. He has made them speak what he speaks, no matter what it means or if it is right or wrong. He has instigated the people to think that the earlier governments weren’t working for their welfare and that he will work as their servant around the clock for them. No other politician ever speaks such things or is able to move the crowd in recent times. These wins are a statement being made by the masses, that they believe in Modi. They think him as a saviour who will bring them out of misery. And no matter if it loksabha or assembly elections, the Modi Mania is always burgeoning over the fading narratives of other political parties. The pattern which we are seeing in Indian Politics today Is a proof that today, the biggest name in Indian Political Parties is BJP. In the lack of a powerful opposition, in which the other parties are searching for an anchor; these wins will continue to come. And these wins are the legitimisation of people’s trust and believe in Modi. It is hardly about other things. Thus, in the coming years, the rise in might of the Bhartiya Janta Party seems to be continued.

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