E-nam policy Of Prime Minister Modi Reality Check, Pass or Fail?

What is e-nam yojna?  This was an initiative by Prime minister of India launched on 14th April 2016 National agricultural market is a national online trading portal, it’s operation is coupled with Centre and State government. National agricultural market’s scheme is to unleash the true value of the production of farmers. Through this system the government brings the markets online. The government plans to return fair value of both crop and work to the farmers.

Image source: e-nam site

The process of this plan to work – As the farmer enters the market (Mandi) his entrance will be marked and registered as a user. During the registration the computers will record the arrival of his car and then will check the grain and the weight of the crop.The farmer’s crop will be checked scientifically and on all standards possible and will be fixed price per crop quality. Then will be put on computer purchase for the buyers with all the details of grain, online. Traders after bidding grains provide weighing of grain can be take the purchased crops and vegetables to market. Purchase of grain will be billed online, after the bill check the purchase of merchant’s grain will be taken out of the market.


Sound like a great plan. But here is certain facts about the e-nam policy there are many Mandi’s which were supposed to run on the portal and they also have every essential of the e-nam market plan still its a failure. The examples here are of couple of Mandi’s of Madhya Pradesh. Which were ought to be run on the. e-nam model but they are just on papers. After speaking to farmers at Bhopal’s karond Mandi, Raisen Mandi, Shore Mandi it can be seen all the essentials are rotting in it’s place. There is immense amount of money budgeted for the e-nam policy for each Mandi and the farmers well. The reasons behind the failure of pilot projects are the dis- interest on farmers and unfriendly interface of the farmers with the e-nam portal. It was seen farmers of the named Mandi barely are e-literate. They do not have their unique id passes with the also they don’t believe in it’s access and benefits.

All the evidence of the given media photo and video showing the success of e-nam are of specific and planted on the basis of future of e-nam. Whereas, the reality stands untouched with the benefits of e-nam.

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