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India procures predatory drones from America on lease for deployment on LAC

The Indian Naval force has induced two predatory drones for monitoring the activities of its neighbouring country, China across the Line of Actual Control and can also be used to vigilantly look out the activities in the Indian Ocean. The American firm had helped India procure the drones on lease amid the internal conflicts between India and China. 

The Ministry of Defence had supervised the emergency procurement of the drones by the Indian Navy amid the India-China conflict that can be used in emergency situations. The members of the American firm will accompany the drone to India as they will help the Indian forces in operating the drones. 

“The drones were scheduled to arrive in India in the second week of November while the flying operations were to begin in the last week oh the month by the Indian Naval force in INS Rajali, Tamil Nadu. 

The security forces have started the aerial operations of the drones, it was revealed that they have the capacity of flying for 30 hours in a stretch. It is believed that the said drone is one of the biggest assets with the defence. 

The Drones are given to India on lease for a year as they are deciding on getting about 18 more drones from the American firm, as per sources.

With the growing closeness between India and America, the United States had continuously helped India in getting information about Chinese tactics along with procurement of weapons for surveillance and defence. 

The procurement of the drones falls under the Defence Procurement Material of 2009 and Defence Acquisition Procedure of 2020 which help in cumulating funds and the maintenance by the seller. 

According to the agreement between the countries for the procurement, it is mentioned that the United States is only responsible for the technological problems and maintenance, however, the controller and attack planning would rest with India. The United States will have not right on the information secured using the drone and would be India’s property only. 

India Wants To Buy U.S. Predator Avenger Drones | Fortune
photo credits- Fortune

Earlier this year, US President Donald Trump had said that India will buy military weapons worth $3 billion which will include helicopters for attacking. It would further strengthen the commercial and political relations between the countries.

Recently, India had not backed off in showing trust in American equipment and systems as India had before bought the 9 P-81 long-range surveillance planes and 24 MH-60 Romeos helicopters. 

An American crew from the vendor is also accompanying the equipment and would help the Navy to operate the machines, the sources said.

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Written by Shailly Agarwal

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