Yogi Adityanath alters the origin of Lord Hanuman to Dalit

It’s quite unpredictable when a BJP leader would alter the historical and mythological facts to its advantage. This time, it’s Yogi Adityanath.

While addressing a rally in Alwar’s Malpura assembly seat, he changed the origin of Hanuman to his advantage. Shifting the politics to religion, the UP CM also said that “all of us must have a resolution like Lord Hanuman”. The manipulation of mythology was done to please the voters as the village comes under SC/ST area. 

Candidate Ram Kishan is contesting elections from the constituency on behalf of the BJP. While requesting voters to vote for the party so they can bring about change, UP CM Adityanath said that we must have a ‘Bajrangi’ (one like Lord Hanuman) resolution in making the BJP candidate win in the area.

Praising Hanuman, Adityanath said that Hanuman himself is a resident of the forest, who is also a Dalit and is excluded from the society, as per the Indian folklore. He further said that the whole Indian community from “north to south and east to west”, is united, “thanks to Lord Hanuman”. 

This is not the first time that Adityanath has tried to use Hanuman to seek votes. Earlier this month too, he had claimed that he was a Dalit tribal as he sought to forge a direct connection with voters in tribal dominated state of Chhattisgarh.

“Hunuman sabse bade adivasi hain, vanvasi hain…,” Yogi had said in the state, adding, “When Lord Ram was on vanvaas, he helped the local tribals from the terror of demons. Just like Ram did in Treta Yug, the BJP is also aiming to bring Ram Rajya in the state.”

Linking religion with politics is a tested warfare of BJP. In a previous rally, he said that fight between BJP’s “Bajrangbali” (Lord Hanuman) and Congress’ “Ali” in Madhya Pradesh. The aim was to polarise voters from extreme sides. He is flamboyantly displaying and manipulating his Hindutva side to gain electoral advantage for BJP. This incident is not uncommon. 

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Written by Sugat Srivastava

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