Modi Visits Kabir Mausoleum – Lowkey Starts Mission 2019

PM Modi visited the famous mausoleum of Saint Kabir, in Maghar near Gorakhpur in U.p yesterday. His visit was in acknowledgement of the auspicious occasion of 500th death anniversary of Saint Kabir, who is known for his mystic and hard hitting couplets (diyas). PM Modi addressed the huge gathering, with a highly politicised speech.

Modi ji, while remembering the greatness of Kabir Das’s teachings, didn’t forget to take a jab at the opposition. While taking a jab at the Samajwadi party and Bahujan Samaj Party, he repeatedly mentioned how the parties are forgetting the real meaning of ‘samajwaad’ and the ‘bahujan’. While he was giving this speech, UP CM Yogi Adityanath was also present on the stage.
It is a famous saying in the arenas of Indian politics that “the road to delhi passes from UP”. Modi led BJP won more than 70 seats out of total 80 seats in UP in 2014 loksabha elections. And proving the old saying right, they won more than 300 seats in that election. His short visit is being taken as a start to BJPs campaign for the 2019 elections in UP. The result of this campaign will be instrumental in deciding who’ll take Delhi’s reign in 2019.

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