We Are No Way Supporting Jinnah’s Ideology

Finally found internet connection……No, not in Aligarh , on the way to Delhi……”- Student at Aligarh Muslim University. The UP Chief minister needs no introduction, people of U.P and people who know Yogi, very well know Yogi’s ideology, which screams hinduism in every move, be it speech, be it changing names of places to promote hinduism, be it his moves towards hinduism safety and his idea against Muslims. One question, The picture of Jinnah was not hung in the library today. Why the removal of picture of Jinnah was not a matter of concern to BJP? Is it because they wanted to use it as per their use as politicise it. Right after BJP in Uttar Pradesh came in power. Why wasn’t the picture not removed right after the independence? The University was founded by Sir Syed Ahmad Khan in 1875. The issue was raised after a letter was written by Satish Gautam (Lok Sabha MP from Aligarh). There are questions that rise here-
How did MP know about the Jinnah’s portrait? If it was so important, which actually is, Why did it take BJP MP so long to write the letter to AMU Vice-chancellor Tariq Mansoor.

Student of AMU
AMU in no way support Jinnah’s ideology. Which makes it clear they do not object the move of removal of portrait of Jinnah. We are protesting for the injustice, against the goons that tried to enter the peaceful campus armed and hailing ‘amu ke gaddaron ko, goli maaron saalon ko’ against the security who allowed it, against the district administration who failed to deliver turning a deaf ear to our demands. We protested like they never thought of, we peacefully protested and still are. They have shut down the internet service fearing the truth might reach people. Their IT cells are active now, ready to fill your mind with anger against us.’

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The Question is if this is a political move, and it definitely looks like one! Is this the way of imposing culture and it’s effect on people when a person is in power. It is exactly the same. Since 1998 during his tenure as MP of Gorakhpur place were renamed as follows- Urdu Bazar to Hindi Bazar, Ali Nagar to Arya Nagar, Miya bazar to Maya Bazar, Islampur to Ishawarpur, Lahladpur yo Alahaladpr and Humayun Nagar to Hanuman Nagar. This may be right according for Hinduism and according to the chief minister.

Is this really the way to change and bring social change, I am not challenging your political understanding based on ideology of religion. But I can definitely challenge your decision which leads to social change this is not the way you’d be changing lives of people for good and better. Education it is, do not impose ideologies, people will decide better and rightly when they are able to. Which is only possible by education and opportunities. This is not why people have elected you for sure.

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