PM Modi blames the previous Governments for failing to clean Ganga

It seems quite a routine for our Prime Minister to blame its predecessors in order to hide its failure. It doesn’t require any second thought that Namami Gange was a failure. But, in order to accept the mistake, our PM is busy in slamming its predecessors.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday accused previous governments of not being able to rejuvenate the Ganga despite spending thousands of crore of rupees and said to keep the river ‘nirmal’ (clean), the intentions also needed to be clean.

He said meaningful results are achieved when the government works with transparency and honesty.

“For maintaining the ‘nirmaltaa’ (cleanliness) of the Ganga, the power of money is not enough, clean intentions are also needed. We, with full honesty and clean intentions, have undertaken a campaign to clean river Ganga,” Modi said while inaugurating the ‘One District, One Product’ summit here.

“When the government works with transparency, honesty and public partnership, then the results are definitely meaningful,” he said.

“Otherwise, you all have been witness to a number of schemes from Ganga Action Plan to Ganga Basin Authority being made,” he added.

Citing a recent report on pollution in the Ganga, Modi said, “There has been a drop in pollution levels in river Ganga. As ‘Namami Gange’ campaign is moving ahead, the target of a clean and free flowing Ganga is becoming more clear. Aquatic animals including fish have started returning to the Ganga.”

Though the recent report suggests that only at Haridwar, Ganga can be considered clean. Don’t know which report our PM is referring to. Though a lot of restrictions have been put in order to clean the river, but no restriction has been placed on the tributaries which bring pollutants into the river.

The old habit of altering the past and blaming the former government is the trade-mark of BJP and the harsh reality of Indian politics. In order to work and undo the wrongs, the Government is keen to blame its predecessors for its own failures too.

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