Kanwars: Ruckus and chaos in the name of faith

Kanwars are highly respected in the Hindu community. They travel hundreds of miles, sometimes on bare feet, to carry the holy water from Ganges and present it to almighty Shiva. The task which requires immense faith to accomplish. In order to pay respect, governments provide a separate lane for them to pass on highways and provide temporary residence in tents near the road. Buses/trucks drivers pay their respect by transporting them without fare. Local hotels offer them food and place to rest for free and they do it voluntarily, Schools and sometimes office remain close during the days when they are large in number to eradicate even an essence of inconvenience. In return of this, what kanwars do?

Not a single year has passed in which we do not get news of ruckus caused by the kanwars. Every year they disrupt the law and order in the society. Get high on drugs and alcohol. Exploit and beat local public who interrupt or try to help. Trucks loaded with loud speakers and on them dancing young boys, blocking highways seems like the best of the days in sawan.

Check these ‘pious’ acts of kanwars:


All Images are from Facebook 


Hooliganism should be checked. Kanwar Yatra requires a high degree of determination and devotion. Please don’t make it lose its sheen and nature and the value due to hooligan elements carrying holy kanwars.

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