China Appeals India For A Fair Decision Over Huawei

There has been a rise in the tensions over trade territory where the Chinese government has been asking the Indian government to put a blind eye to the US warning and ban Huawei from selling its network gear in the country due to security concerns. They mentioned that their decision to ban Huawei in the Indian market might retaliate against Indian companies doing business in China, reports Reuter.

India will be installing a next-generation 5G cellular network in the next few months but decisions are yet to be finalized as to whether Chinese telecoms equipment maker is invited to take part says telecom minister Ravi Shankar Prasad.

There has been a concern on the part of the Chinese government about the U.S. campaign to keep Huawei out of 5G mobile infrastructure worldwide.

Spokesperson Hua Chunying said in a statement- “ On the issue of Chinese enterprises participating in the construction of India’s 5G, we hope the Indian side makes an independent and objective decision, and provides a fair, just and non-discriminatory commercial environment for Chinese enterprises investment and operations, to realize a mutual benefit.”

China’s foreign minister said Beijing hoped India would make an independent decision on 5G bidders.

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Written by Sanghamitra Gogoi

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