Google Rebrands Android And Ditches Dessert Names For Android Q

Google has now decided to give their Android a new user interface which will acquire easy recognition globally.

Google has announced that with the release of the next version, Android Q, which will no longer use dessert names to refer to the version of the platform. The Android 9 pie will be simply Android 10 which will be followed by Android 11. Google is leaving behind its unique mannerism of identifying their versions by rebranding it in order to make it easy to recognize by users.

Over the last decade, Android’s open platform has created a thriving community of manufacturers and developers that reach an audience with their devices and apps,” writes Android Vice President of product management Sameer Samat.”

Google has also decided to change the logo of the platform while adopting a more modern look. The green robot is reported to have a different shade of green and the Android text becoming black. With the final release of Android 10, Google will start using the new logo and will be doing the general branding in the coming weeks.

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