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Enjoy Kashi Darshan on luxurious cruise at 750 only.

Luxurious cruise service Alaknanda is scheduled to start from 15th August.

Soon the long awaited dream of everyone to travel and visit Ghats of Varanasi on a luxurious cruise is to be fulfilled. From August 15, 2018, onwards, people will be able to enjoy a luxurious ride in the double-decker cruise service in the river Ganga in Varanasi. The luxury cruise, called Alaknanda has been developed by a Kolkata-based company and has been put on trial recently. The double-decker cruise service, which will be operated by the Nordic Cruise Line company, will be able to accommodate as many as 90 people.

The cruise service is completely air-conditioned. Interestingly, events such as grand parties as well as seminars can be organized on this luxury cruise. The luxury cruise can also be used for organizing corporate events. Also, audio-visual systems can be operated on its wall. Apart from these interesting features, the high-tech cruise has also been provided with eco-friendly bio-toilets, which will ensure that the river Ganga is not dirty.

The Alaknanda Cruise Service will cost Rs.750 from each passenger for Kashi Darshan. Here are some of the pics of the Cruise:

Images’ Source: Facebook

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Written by Sugat Srivastava

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