Kaas Pathar: Creativity of Almighty at its best

By Krutarth Vashi

Photographer’s eye view of the flowers blooming at Kaas Pathar, UNESCO heritage site at Satara, Maharashtra
The first rays of the sun brighten up the plateau and the dew-drops glitter like precious jewels
“As precious as a pearl” could not have a better pictorial representation
The gadgets these days are getting super advanced. Can someone imagine this was taken through a phone?
Never before did I witness such amazing colors in the flora around.
The patterns in which the flowers are arranged, truly makes me wonder, “How creative is the Almighty!”
A mountain covered in a blanket of pretty yellow flowers.
One awesome view, followed by another. And a blanket of yellow followed by blanket of pink.
Stumble upon the beautiful flower beds every now and then en route to exploring the plateau.
The best of the sights are those that makes you capture its beauty and essence with your eyes rather than the camera.
White and blue and pink and yellow, feels as if the rainbow has descended on the earth
A pretty little variant of the lotus awaits at the end point, bidding adieu and welcoming you for the next season.

What do you think?

Written by Sugat Srivastava

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