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From our early ages we are made to know about Mount Everest, being the highest mountain on the world. Everest is an achievement in itself, ruling on the whole world with its presence and only humans can try to fix it with nature in all its form. Climbing, falling, failing and dying many deaths we have made a mark on the top of Everest. And actually from there a person can say Eureka Everest, feeling on top of the world. But there is still more to know about this great mountain. So here to all adventure lovers it could be your Eureka moment someday.

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Secrets of Mount Everest

  • Even Everest is Growing! 😛

You might have thought only you and me are growing but who knew that the height of Everest is also increasing every year. Researchers have discovered that Everest grows by about 4mm every year due to some movements in plates which push the mountains higher.

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  • Oldest person to summit was 80 and youngest is 13.

Japanese climber Yuichiro Miura in 2013 became the oldest person to reach the summit by breaking the record of Sherchan of 76. While Jordan Romero of America reached the summit in his 13th year. We are actually just sleeping in our lives.

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  • Fastest to climb record is astonishing….

This fact will actually blow your mind that the days long journey with various stops to reach the summit was completed by Pemba Dorje of Nepal in just 8 hours and 10 minutes.

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  • Also Everest has nicknames.

Mount Everest has got its nicknames from its native peeps. Tibetans call it “Chomolungma” which means ‘Mother Goddess of Mountains’ and for Nepalese it is “Sagarmatha” translating as ‘Sky’s Forehead’.

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  • Traffic on the Everest way too!! 😀

It is interesting to know in year 2012 climbers faced human traffic jam to reach the summit. Climbers suffered two hours queue to climb which became the cause of few deaths, accidents and failures to summit for many people.

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To reach the summit might have become comparatively easier in times but is still a challenge. Around 140 people have died in the course to reach the summit. Every year 8-10 climbers die during summit. Also is an expensive trail. You need to think on many facts before making an idea to climb Everest ever. Otherwise it is a great experience to have a view of the Highest Mountain..!

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