Your Romance Destination At Resort?

By Indu Indira Lala

picture source: Google

Underwater tourism brings romance of Venice, floating into

Floating Venice – the romantic, underwater deck, complete with
Venice-trademark gondolas and canals, is making its way into the
heartland of Dubai, as part of Dubai & quot;The World development island
group" project.

Scheduled to take shape into a resort, the floating Venice will be an exact replica
of the original Italian water-romance city of Venice. The Dubai replica will take
the shape of a four-deck resort, and one of the decks would be submerged
under the sea, opening into the spectacular views of Persian Gulfs marine life.

This sub-aquatic deck will have an underwater lobby alongside 180 undersea
bedroom cabins and three sub-aquatic restaurants.
The magnum opus Floating Venice Resort will be technically qualified as a boat,
and if approvals get hitched, development work is scheduled to begin by the
middle of new calendar year. Completion of the project is expected by 2020, and
the entire fund-flow for the project has an estimated price tag of AED 2.5 billion
($680 million).

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Written by Sharad Maverick

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