This Jump Scare Youtube Ad Of Nun Was Taken Down, Know Why!

Advertisement scared people but was just right.

It all started with a tweet by-

Warning! Which has over 110290 retweets with just 24 hours. After the there are articles published every where and people have asked youtube to take down the ad. There are various horror content creator on youtube who have made video. There are many brands who do not consider horror ad safe due to certain mass appeals. Whereas youtube creators have said this could be a source of living for many of them, there are people who are really good at creating horror content. Content creators have urged people to personalise ad according to their like and dislikes would be a simple step. Whereas there are people who are really against this ad and claim it to be harmful and published with the warning sign. Which again is not possible to get the audience in the mood and won’t garb the viewers attention if displayed with warning sign.

What do you think?

Written by Sharad Maverick

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