This WhatsApp Text On Women’s Day Screams Creativity


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The reason this day 8th march is highlighted in the history since early 1900’s. As women are recognized for their potential, ability and achievements irrespective of cast, creed, nation and economic. Today they celebrate by wishing each other and motivating other women. Reminding themselves of their abilities and potential. Its also the day when they get free booze maybe. 

Image source: Maverick works (Avina Saxena)

The reason we see drives in the country and across the seas talking about the women empowerment and strengthening women position is because they are underprivileged even in the 21st century. There are no such drives, activities and movements for men as they don’t need it they are already over women, they are underprivileged and need to be helped. 8th march is one such day like a move that helps women motivate, inspire, and help them promote themselves.

Yes! We should celebrate the Women’s day, why does it sound so GODILY when a women does an outstanding job, and then they become the highlighted in the news and media, it’s because it is a story for them, and an unusual happening becomes the news and a usual happening is called as story.We should celebrate the women’s day till these women in news becomes a story and just not story, but a success story. 


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