Vagected: Let Us Prepare Yourself to Rumble

Its a monday night and you are out at a club with one of your good girlfriends. You both scan the bedroom for ideal bachelors and end together with your sight fixated on the safind cougars near me guy. This really is a scenario in which “we noticed him first” does not apply.

Just what do you ever perform? Are you going to vie against your friend because of this mans interest?

When this circumstance consisted of two men, we’d be referring to a potential penis block. But it is between two females. Let’s imagine in the interests of argument that whenever ladies vie against both, it’s labeled as being “vagected.”

This evening has actually set precedence.

Normally, both you and your pal have actually significantly various style in men — who has made you an admirable side women kind of team.

The man across the area — dressed up in thin denim jeans, Dr. Martens, a cable tv knit jacket vest and horn-rimmed cups — is an anomaly, a fantastically sensuous anomaly. He’s the actual only real man you’d ever before “vagect” over.

Become ladies.

You as well as your buddy still haven’t chosen whether to give up or lace enhance boxing gloves. Discover some information to help you decide.

Become girls. You heard that right. Don’t be very childish that you let this best specimen visit some less-deserving female.

Agree that the two of you want him and therefore the greater woman shall prevail.

Allow him pick.

Walk arm-in-arm up to this guy, smile politely, bat your own eyelashes and offer purchasing him a microbrew or perform a casino game of pool. Become multiple mature women without an underlying plan to see who he’s more into. It should be quite clear.

You should be prepared that after all of the energy, he may perhaps not want either of you. Or he’ll catch onto the proven fact that you’re both drawn to him and advise a threesome. Silly males!

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