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Exceptionally One Good Thing About IRCTC You Must Know.

What comes to your find first when you hear about the IRCTC catering, or the food served in the train?

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IRCTC is has always been in the news for unhealthy and poor quality of food. Of course this is an important issue.There have been cases reported by people falling sick due to the food served during the journey. People pay money for the food that they can eat. I also have no clue about the hike in the price of Tea in the recent years. Neither do I know about a train which runs with a pantry car with the total run time of more than twenty hours. Which means the railway expects the passengers to bring their food along with them in the long run. Other question is, do they really care?

Yes or may be no, or a Big NO.

Out of all the caters who drew my attention, this is the one who did it in a positive way.It happened at Igatpuri. It is a town and hill station in the Western Ghat mountains of Maharashtra, western India. There is a garden restaurant at Igatpuri station which makes on the best South Indian food starting at Rs.12 only, also the best one.

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It is a must visit if you are at Igatpuri, even if you don’t love South Indian food, you should visit it because this place is exceptionally a good thing people should know about Igatpuri and Indian railway services. According to a chef at the garden restaurant the cater were 30 year old in the business at Igatpuri.

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Note about the cater: Cheap and best food in the entire Railway cater ever had.

What do you think?

Written by Sharad Maverick

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