This Video From Haryana Shows, How Haryana Police Investigates.

This video was shared on Facebook, The conversation between the police of Haryana and the person justifies the question raised by the man. The man had the answers. Whereas the police stood unanswered. The matter is Police should have a clean and sensible approach toward the public to help but not to threaten people.

You should share the video if you agree the approach of the police was in apt. You might be the next person someday being interrogated uselessly somewhere.

Sharad Maverick
Sharad is a graduate in Mass communication and Journalism from Makhanlal Chaturvedi University of Journalism and Mass communication. He has worked as a photographer, cameraman, editor for various media organisation. Sharad has experience in the division of Radio, Web and Magazine. Sharad is know for his artist approach and entrepreneur career. He has understood the urge to represent the unheard voices of the society and he continues to do it in capacity of Editor-in-cheif at Maverick times and as an Artist.

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