Santosh Vashistha: Predicting your financial future through astrology

Amidst the beautiful valleys of Eastern Kathmandu, resides the top astrologer of Asia. Santosh Vashistha is highly specialized in predicting financial futures, an art intricating and perilous, due to its dynamicity.

Santosh Vashistha hails from a little-known town in southeastern Nepal called Jhapa. Vashistha has gained international recognition for his ability to read the stars. In 2017, he was named the best astrologer in Asia by the Asian Astrologer Congress and the World Astrology Federation. His readings focus more on substantive geopolitical predictions and personal fortunes than hokey horoscope drivel. His regular clients include Nepal’s Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba, Bollywood actress Manisha Koirala, Nepal’s Finance Minister and various American celebrities.

Vashistha incorporates unrivaled astrology knowledge gained in formal academic training and experience with thousands of clients. He got his master’s in astrology at Banaras Hindu University, and a Ph.D. in raja yoga. Raja yoga is a part of Hindu astrology focused on planetary situations that indicate wealth and power.

Financial Astrology in the world

Although it might sound peculiar but the practice has ancient roots. W.D. Gann, a financial astrologer born in Texas in 1875, became a legendary trader. Even J.P. Morgan and Charles Schwab consulted astrologers, notably Evangeline Adams, throughout the early 20th century. “Millionaires don’t need astrology—billionaires do,” Morgan supposedly quipped.

In May 2008, when crude oil had broken through $100 a barrel, Raymond Merriman, a world-renowned astrologer, astrologically predicted that it would top out at $144 (give or take $8) before dropping within two years. Then he said it would decline, somewhere between 77 percent and 93 percent. Goldman Sachs Group Inc., by contrast, thought crude could hit $200 a barrel. A traditional energy economist at Deutsche Bank AG were stupefied by the confusing market dynamics. Crude did hit $147.27 on July 11, 2008 and slid to $32.48 five months later.

Grace K. Morris, a professional astrologer and president of Astro Economics Inc., similarly boasted that during the Great Recession. She accurately predicted that the market would bottom out on March 9, 2009. Traditional economists such as Nouriel “Dr. Doom” Roubini, meanwhile, struggled to pinpoint a specific date when the market would turn.

Genius at work

Vashistha’s technique

Vashistha’s technique is simple. He requires place, date and time of birth. After that, he sees what was happening in the skies at that moment. Then he maps the planetary configurations on paper, forming a grid-like schema that represented various areas of my destiny: health, wealth, love, and longevity.


The procedure seems simple as all the astrologers use the same. The only thing that makes him the best is the analysis of the stars and then integrating with his financial knowledge and past experience. He knows that everything in financial world is periodical in nature. It requires a deep understanding of the trends in stock market, crude prices, currencies, precious metal market and their dependency on the country’s economy. The stars can only tell their position but to read them and draw conclusion requires a lifetime of knowledge and skills.

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Written by Sugat Srivastava

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