Indian business operators confident about the job market heading into 2021

By Bharati Kumari

The young people’s employment prospects in India was severely challenged due to the pandemic, but it has improved in terms LinkedIn became one of the primary online job platforms, according to economic times.

The Indian economy is slowly opening up, and the hiring rate continues to recover steadily back to  forth-Covid-19 levels with a 46 per cent growth since October 2020,” LinkedIn said.

The average employment have been reduced from an estimated 404 million from 2019-2020 to 396 million in March 2020. In April it has fallen to 282 million (122 million estimated job losses). In India, two-thirds of firm-level apprenticeships and three-quarters of internships were completely interrupted during the pandemic.

The beauty of LinkedIn is that it allows users to join relevant groups on LinkedIn and allows you to extend your personal brand and also reach out to more people as you can contact any group member directly. Groups are useful for news postings, discussion boards, updates in general, networking, questions and answers and so forth.

As per the records of LinkedIn, 40 per cent of Indian professionals expect an increase in the number of new jobs in 2021. 53 per cent expect their companies to do better in the next six months.

“In any case, working in lockdown and guiding a tough job market over the couple months back have adversely affected India’s financial outlook,” LinkedIn said.

 The LinkedIn report mentioned India will take another look to the future of work across five key segments: the workplace, careers, recruiting, business, and leadership,”  The

Ashutosh Gupta, India Country Manager, Linkedin claimed, “The year 2020 was a disruptive year, and 2021 will help us tackle unforeseen challenges and prepare for new realities”.

“In 2021, skills-first hiring will be a pivotal trend; the Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) will play a critical role; virtual collaboration will become stronger, and learning will be part of everyone’s job,” Gupta said.

LinkedIn data shows that between January to March and April to June 2020, the time spent learning about ‘Social Selling’ on LinkedIn Learning increased quarter-on-quarter by 61 per cent. Data also shows that globally, more than 80 per cent of the Forbes Cloud 100 uses Sales Navigator. This online shift is expected to sustain in 2021, and in the years ahead, virtual selling will lead sales with more scrutiny on the why, how, and Return on investment (ROI)  of face-to-face meetings.

As of November 2020,  78 per cent unemployed professionals feel stressed, and only  32 per cent of Indians expect their incomes to increase,  welcoming the new year.

In the annual break due to pandemic, 61 per cent Indian professionals say they will take less time off, while about  87 per cent say they will spend equal or more time working at their primary jobs this year-end.

The current online world seems to be like, “To master the virtual equation and make all the elements work together, one must  become the connector.” 

With respect to this, people can plan a grand 2021 to experience the rise of ‘solo entrepreneurs’ as people are expected to use the internet to make the most out their skills and talents, with a hope to reimagine their lives and careers.

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