Health Advice For Pregnant Women During A Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has hammered the globe in a way that it is becoming difficult for people to come out of their quarantine trauma. The expecting mothers are getting even more conscious about their everyday habits. At a time where most of the countries have been declared a shut-down, it is becoming more and more laborious for expecting mothers to find their proper diet chart from the market.

There have been multiple questions on whether to erase a few food items from their diet chart and whether the absence of it might affect them and their child. Here are a few tips and habits that every expecting mother must follow.

  • A healthy diet is the go-to
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When we say healthy, it means a varied range of vegetables, fruits, nuts and water in your diet. One must make sure that their food has adequate nutrition counting from micro-nutrients such as- iron, folate, calcium and vitamin D. It is suggested that one must be in close-knit with a doctor or dietician who can guide you across the dos and the don’ts since very women are different in their own unique ways.

  • Supplements are welcome
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It is important and mandatory now for all expecting mothers to include supplements in their daily diet routine, supplements such as folic acid, vitamins and iron are a must. Women suffering from constant nausea and vomiting needs to take an additional supplement.

  • Caffeine is not a solution
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If you are a caffeine addict then it is high-time you brush this habit under your carpet. It is believed that expecting mothers are not supposed to consume more than 300mg caffeine a day. You can instead turn their cravings to fruit juices and mineral water. Soft and carbonated drinks are unsafe because of their high level of caffeine. One must only consume freshly made beverages.

  • Eating junk is a big NO
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There will be a time when you would secretly want to indulge yourself into falling prey for cheat-meals but mind you, it might trigger uneasiness in the body and you wouldn’t want to risk your immunity during a pandemic. The meals that one consumes must be freshly home-cooked, allergies are common issues that one might be facing, therefore, informing their doctor about any kind of food allergies are recommended.

  • Immunity boosting drinks
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Yoghurt, buttermilk and whole milk are considered calcium-rich since milk is in scarcity due to the lockdown expecting mothers can switch themselves to eggs, dal, nuts and cereals for protein intake. Fruits and vegetables are a rich source of fibre, vitamins and minerals. In order to strengthen one’s bones.

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Written by Sanghamitra Gogoi

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