In Prayagraj, School conducted in open as stray animals locked inside the premise

A few days ago, Chief Minister of UP, Yogi Adityanath, in his speech, directed all the district magistrates to ensure that farmers don’t face any problem due to stray animals. He also ordered to shift those stray cattle to ‘Gau Sanrakshan Kendras’ by January 10.

The farmers in Bhadivar village in Uttar Pradesh’s Prayagraj district wanted the solution immediately. That’s why they locked more than 100 cattle in the school premise. Due to this, classes had to be conducted in the open.

Principal Kamlesh Singh said that when he reached 9 am, he found over 100 stray cattle locked inside the premises of the school in Shankergarh development block.

“The school starts at 10 am. As the school gate was locked and over two dozen agitating farmers, armed with sticks, were sitting outside the gate, as many as 40 students were made to sit and study outside the premises. The agitating villagers were not in favor of opening the gates,” he said.

The sub-divisional magistrate, Bara, DS Pathak said the villagers were agitated as the stray cattle have been destroying their crops for the last several months. “We got the school premises vacated by 1.30 pm. Measures will be taken to ensure that such an incident is not repeated,” he said.

According to reports, residents of Bhadivar village and its surrounding localities in Shankergarh block have been suffering from the stray cattle menace for the last few months. Failing to get any relief despite lodging a complaint with tehsil officials, they were forced to lock as many as 100 animals inside the primary school.

The situation of stray animals is getting worse day by day. The government spends a fortune on cows. They have brain-washed the public to that extent that they believe cow protection is their only reason to be alive. People are killing their compatriots in the name of the cow. But, what they do with their ‘Goddess/Mother Cow’? They leave them to eat garbage, litter in public, wander on fields, etc. Is this the way should you treat your Goddess/Mother? Or, is it just a newer form of hypocrisy to lure votes and generate hatred among citizens?

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