Google to set in motion new features to enhance the effectiveness of Indian languages

By Bharati Kumari

When people want to know the answer to something they invariably Google it. But now Google allows people to conveniently search in their known language. Google was first known for its search engine. Over the years, Google has maintained its minimalist search page design, which often betrays the wealth of tools and hacks that hide just below the surface. There are many Google services that have come and gone through the years. 

In India, more than 50 per cent of the content catches the attention of the Indians as they are using it in Indian languages. Google sets eye on ballooned queries in Indian languages, since the launch of Assistant language picker.

Google has featured to lead the journey on the right track in the preferred language. Google grants the users to search for places, get directions and converse with the map in the chosen language.

To facilitate easy search, Google includes four Indian languages – Tamil, Telugu, Bengali and Marathi, hence users will be able to swing their search results between English and these languages.

Google also came out with an amazing feature, by just clicking the image of the query one can  learn to solve a math problem in Hindi or English, based on the query, step-by-step guidance and videos are provided to help explain the problem. 

Google India Country Head and Vice President Sanjay Gupta said during the Google L10n virtual event, “Even when India had less than 100 million users online, Google Search was accessible in at least 9 Indian languages. And over the years, we have worked hard to ensure that all our products are accessible and useful for the most popularly spoken Indian languages,” according to the Indian Express.

The Google India Country Head also highlighted that India is witnessing a surge in internet usage from outside the big metro cities, and in the last two years, over 100 million new internet users have been added from rural India, reports news agency PTI.

Google has almost reached peaks picking and swallowing facts and worldwide data, and now finally Google is out to gulp various languages to provide easy accessibility to the native Indian users. Everybody knows how to Google, now everybody will know to Google it in various Indian languages.

These features will benefit the bilingual users as they prefer reading both English and an Indian language.

Google has now developed itself to great extent with advanced technologies that have engaged the youth and elderly to explore new ideas without a personal instructor.

Photo Courtesy- Shailly Agarwal

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Written by Shailly Agarwal

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