Food Safety Is Here to Stay in 2021

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Although 2020 was a year that posed an unprecedented crisis on humankind, it was also a year full of learnings. From being less dependent on human intervention in day-to-day tasks, to prudently using tech in streamlining commercial operations; to increasingly focussing on building immunity and having a healthy lifestyle, the Covid-19 pandemic has induced path-breaking changes in human behaviour.

The F&B sector, though left beleaguered with the onset of the pandemic – on the back of prolonged nationwide lockdowns and wary consumer behaviour, waded the rough waters of the crisis and is slowly gripping back to business with innovation being the key. As the lockdown forced citizens to stay indoors, to cater their much-desired restaurant indulgence to them in the comfort of their homes, the F&B sector went a step forward. Vouching on high safety standards, from conducting virtual masterclasses on signature dishes, to unveiling DIY kits of handpicked recipes, to also entering the new-age cloud kitchen business, the F&B sector won the hearts of millions for whom consuming food from outside was indispensable.
Entering the new year, mindful eating still finds a centre stage given that although the overall number of cases of the contagion has reduced in the country, the fact remains that it is not fully eradicated. Consumers have gotten picky about the eatery that they visit or from where they order and are keen to know how carefully does the outlet handle their food. Furthermore, the food regulator – FSSAI – too has issued certain food safety guidelines to be adhered to by Food Business Owners (FBOs) to ensure good public health.
While cooking and manual operations cannot be wholly separated, certain tech-based state-of-the-art kitchen equipment have come forward in the current times as a boon to plug both kitchen operations hassle and to assure consumers of the hygiene aspect in their food.
RATIONAL SelfCookingCenter®, much ahead of the pandemic, has been preparing foods while adhering to the highest hygiene standards with its intelligent, touch-free cooking ability. The revolutionary compact self-cooking combi-steamer is designed to prepare large quantities of food consistently without any hassle while also consuming less electricity. Its unique design and intelligent features further enable the equipment to grill, poach, roast or bake various foods, per the need. Demanding minimal human intervention, the chef or the personnel handling the cooking system needs to just feed the desired cooking instructions in the unit’s user-friendly command panel. There on, the SelfCookingCenter® takes care of the food to be cooked exactly the way it is desired, without the need of being checked or touched by the chef time and again. Furthermore, its automatic HACCP analysis continuously monitors the food during the cooking process and double assures that the food is not contaminated or meddled with during the cooking process. Its ConnectedCooking feature cements the hygiene assurance by being connected with the chef in real-time through their smartphone.
Usually, post the business operations time, one needs to shell additional time and energy in manually cleaning the traditional cooking equipment. On the flipside, RATIONAL SelfCookingCenter® detects and notifies when it requires a cleaning drive. A touch of a button and the unit will clean itself in just a couple of minutes. A fool-proof standard hygienic solution of its own kind.
As the Covid-19 pandemic has further bolstered the impetus on food hygiene and safety, upgrading to tech-based solutions in the commercial kitchens will work in favour of the food businesses moving forward in a bid to enhance both food production quality and to assure the consumers of hygienically prepared food.

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