The First Indo-Polish Film – Teen-Age Love Story No Means No to Boost Tourism, Reinforce Culture Connection

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The first Indo-Polish film ‘No Means No’ (‘Nie means Nie’ in Polish) is a teen-age love story directed by Vikash Verma (produced by G7 Films Poland) and has been majorly shot in the exotic locales of Poland. The film follows in the wake of superstar Salman Khan’s whose superhit film ‘Kick’ was shot in Warsaw & Aamir Khan-whose ‘Fanaa’ was shot in Zakopane, which in winter resembles Kashmir’s scenic beauty. ‘No Means No’ will seek to boost tourism and reinforce culture connection between India and Poland.

Indian audiences will be able to appreciate the hitherto unseen beauty of Żywiecczyzna region, Bielsko-Biala, Szczyrk and Zwardon since the film ‘No Means No’ has been extensively shot in Poland. Poland (India’s gateway to Central Europe) is expecting that the film will give a boost to tourism after the lull in 2020 due to COVID-19 and thousands of Indians will visit Poland’s snow-clad beauty where the film’s stunning skiing sequences were shot. Bielsko Biala, also affectionately known as Little Vienna, is a stunning little town tucked away in southern Poland. Hidden from the rest of the world for a better part of the last century, this quaint little scenic abode would finally get the fame it deserves after acclaimed Indian filmmaker Vikash Verma decided to base a large amount of his next epic ‘No Means No’ here. The city of Bielsko Biala, with its contrasting images of both Victorian architecture and amazing natural beauty, turned out to be the perfect spot for Vikash Verma to complete his romantic-action epic. As soon as he became apprised of the city’s historical influence as well as its incomparable natural beauty, Verma knew that this city would be perfect for him to bring his vision full circle. A vision of grandeur and depth that he had for his motion picture would be complemented perfectly by this stunning city. It is in this stunning location that Vikash Verma chose to shoot a major portion of his big budget action adventure – the first Indo-Polish co-production, which features mind blowing action sequences in a variety of environments.

‘No Means No’ is a rare film to be shot simultaneously in three languages: English, Hindi and Polish. Several Indian and international superstars such as Sanjay Dutt, Shah Rukh Khan and Steven Seagal have congratulated Vikash Verma on this project.

Incidentally, Amitabh Bachchan visited the city of Wroclaw in Poland before the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, where the City Council of the City of Wroclaw named a Square after his father Harivansh Rai Bachchan.

Well, ‘No Means No’ will release in 2021 just like James Bond’s much awaited film ‘No Time to Die’ and an interesting connection between the two is that the titles of both films start with ‘No’ and British intelligence agent James Bond visited Poland nearly 50 years ago.  The movie ‘No Means No’ revolves around the story of an Indian man (played by debutant Dhruv Verma) who visits Poland to participate in a ski championship and falls in love with a Polish girl. Debutant action hero Dhruv Verma was trained in action sequences by Sanjay Dutt and Hollywood action star Steven Seagal. He has been groomed by Preity Zinta who’s given a classic James Bond look.

Ms. Malgorzata Pepek (Hon. Member of Polish Parliament and Chairperson of the Polish & Indian Parliamentary Groups), said, “I am convinced that the film ‘No Means No’ will pave the way for several such collaborative projects in the future, which will be a marvellous way to promote Poland’s beautiful scenic locales. I am really thankful for a pleasant and successful cooperation within the framework undertaken by such initiatives and projects. I wish Mr. Vikash Verma further professional successes and good luck in realization of his good intentions and hope for more joint efforts and initiatives in the future.” Professor Piotr Glinski, Deputy Prime Minister of Poland also in-charge of the Culture Ministry, and Damian Iryzk, Consul General of Poland in Mumbai, have played a supportive role in the making of the film.

Mr. Ajay Bisaria, former Indian Ambassador to Poland (now High Commissioner to Canada), said, “I want to congratulate Vikash Vermaji and his entire team of G7 Films Poland for this pathbreaking and pioneering initiative of the first joint Indo-Polish co-production, ‘No Means No’. It is a love story with message and stunning action but underlines the strong cultural connections including the friendship of India and Poland. I wish you all success for this wonderful, brave and rare creative conceptualization.” 

Mr. Vikash Verma, Director, said, “My upcoming action thriller with love as its central theme, ‘No Means No’, aims to unite India and Poland through a myriad of relationships and seeks to widen bilateral relations between the two countries and its people. The film is an ode to strong female characters and women’s empowerment in terms of everyone having to respect a women’s No, which means No.”

Produced by G7 Films Poland, the film stars an ensemble of Indian and Polish actors such as: Gulshan Grover, Sharad Kapoor, Deep Raj Rana, Milind Joshi, Kat Kristian, Nazia Hussain (niece of actor Sanjay Dutt), Anna Ador, Jersey Handzlik, and Anna Guzik, Natalia Bak, Slywia Czech and Pawel Czech amongst others.

The music director is Hariharan ji (the legend known as one of the pioneers for Indian Fusion Music) and the music producers are his sons Akshay and Karan Hariharan (also singer). Worldwide sensation and beauty Shreya Ghoshal has showcased her singing talent for the movie as well. Others in the music team are Rishav Nagh and ‘Indian Idol’ Judge Arvinder Singh.

Dhruv Verma spent months in Poland mastering Krav Maga (Israeli Fighting style developed for the army) and Jyrki Sario Defendo (Defensive Fighting Style developed for the European police) from his guru Mr. Bartek Dobrowolski along with a specially tailored course in gun shooting, besides the masterful training he already received from the action legend, Sanjay Dutt in disarming and shooting techniques. He also mastered the techniques of 17 different Handguns, rifles and shotguns from other Maestros from the Strzelnica Gun Club in Bielsko Biała, Poland. He also learnt dancing from the legendary Shiamak Davar.

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