The Formist Group – Forming and Forging a New Urban India, Rooted in Technology and Ecology, in Tradition and Modernity

Business Wire IndiaThe Formist Group is a real estate and infrastructure development company with design thinking as its core ethos. Amongst the founding team, they have architects who have been in the field of design for decades. They approach their projects and ventures with the intent to offer new ways of living, working and recreation through innovations in design, construction technologies and ecological planning. Their buildings seek to define the generic and question the norm, in order to create unique spaces which are tailored for today’s lifestyles.

Within a span of four years since its inception, The Formist Group has initiated diverse projects in Bengaluru and Belagavi. Among their notable projects are The Formist Treehouse at Bengaluru and The Formist Cove at Belagavi.

The Formist Treehouse is a standalone tower of 8 floors with 7 flats per floor. Besides providing cleanly designed, Vaastu compliant flats of 2 and 3 BHK configurations, the design strives to provide an active lifestyle that combines closeness to nature and a general sense of well being.

A unique feature of its architecture is the club. The club is deconstructed into various programs such as the gym, squash court etc. All these elements are diffused across the centre of the building, thus creating a vertical matrix of social space interspersed with the circulation. This leads to chance encounters between inhabitants and promotes a more fitness oriented, active lifestyle.

In addition to the central club, here, the balconies are not just simple terraces but are treated as landscaped courtyards in the sky. Partially with a double height roof, they incorporate vertical vegetable gardens that encourage growing one’s own food.

The Formist Cove is a unique community of 33 plots nestled in a landscaped alcove on bauxite road, Belagavi. By virtue of its location, it is well connected to the rest of the city and yet due to its micro geography, it also forms a peaceful neighborhood cut off from the hustle and bustle of the city.

With The Formist Cove, they have launched a new typology for a developer driven housing that combines the best features of an off the shelf housing project with the flexibility of an individual designed house. Here, Pret meets Bespoke.

In the era of mass customization and individualization, where everything from one’s pizza to a Mac book is customizable, they believe that an individual house cannot be an exception, but rather has to be tailored to ones specific lifestyles and requirements. Using a custom designed App, customers can design their own homes in six steps by choosing and combining spacio-programmatic modules. In this manner, each building can be uniquely customized by its occupants.

These are just two ways in which The Formist group uses design thinking to initiate and stevedore unique projects that cater to one’s urban lifestyles.

In the coming years, the company seeks to use technology in construction and design to the fullest, in order to create a range of projects that address the needs of current fast urbanizing nation.

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