URLife’s Upasana Kamineni Launches Post-COVID19 Care Rehabilitation Program

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Founder of URLife.co.in & Vice Chairperson-CSR, Apollo Hospitals Group, Upasana Kamieneni, has launched a new rehabilitation program addressing the current pressing need for post-COVID19 care, as part of the larger URLife platform.
Highlighting the various symptoms and health issues that people may face post-experiencing COVID-19; it focuses on how one can take care of them both mentally and physically. The program includes daily live sessions on topics covering body, mind, and nutrition and heal led by a panel of trusted experts from the URLife team.
Having commenced from 4th January and on until 31st March, one expert daily will discuss the different post-COVID19 related issues and how to recover from them in the quickest and most efficient way. To be held in English at 11 am, Hindi at 12 noon and Telugu at 6 pm IST on the URLife website, this program is completely available free of cost and targets a wide audience across the globe.
Kanika Kapoor, popular Indian singer, musician and also a COVID-19 survivor herself said, “Having witnessed the impacts of the COVID-19 virus first-hand, I totally understand the emotions involved in contracting it right from the test results to the entire treatment. It was mentally and physically taxing to go through this ordeal and more importantly to regain my prior health and wellbeing after all of it. I empathize with every other person who has had to undergo a similar experience and I’m glad that we have platforms like URLife that have introduced a post COVID-19 rehabilitation program dedicated to helping and educating people dealing with peripheral issues once the virus leaves the body.”
Speaking about the new program, Upasana Kamineni, Founder, URLife added, “The initial fear based hysteria of COVID-19 seems to have settled. The situation seems to be slowly coming into control with growing medical innovation and awareness amongst people. We will always be indebted to our front-line health workers, especially the doctors and nurses who have tirelessly worked for us putting their own lives at risk at all times during this pandemic. The unprecedented nature of this virus is still a cause of concern; its impact on each patient has been different. This has deeply impacted them and their families.”
“Recently, my husband Ram Charan tested COVID-19 positive, being so close to home, I am personally aware of the numerous questions and concerns that immediately arise in one’s mind. This led me to realize the need for a platform of qualified experts to educate people, with an emphasis on the days post the initial two weeks of recovery. The numbers are in millions and I can only imagine the anxiety associated with COVID-19 they must be going through. From expert advice to live classes with various wellness and medical practitioners, we have content related to every aspect for their speedy recovery. We hope that our program can help them in all ways possible – answer their questions, have a sounding board to talk to and in general just bounce back stronger,” she added.
The program comprises a curated collection of expert advice, health tips, nutrition suggestion, exercises and more. You can now enroll in the live classes here: https://urlife.co.in/covid-live-classes.

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