Launches Voice by to Power up Automated Support Through 14 Native Language Voice

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  • Consumer brands can now power-up their support by adding automated voice capabilities.
  •’s homegrown Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing Models. Automated multiple intent recognition can provide secure, automated, and accurate responses
  • The application allows customers to register complaints in their native language and serves specially-abled customers. 
  • It would reduce waiting time as customers don’t have to spend time typing lengthy sentences.

Customer support automation, launched a new voice-to-text application today. This new-age product allows customers to chat with bots by sending voice notes. With the homegrown NLP algorithms, the system will be able to identify the queries and proceed to answer them instantly. has introduced many innovations in automating customer support, including natural language processing (NLP), VECA, an eCommerce assistant. Today, has taken a new stride in easing the pains that customers face while registering complaints. 
“This product allows customers to roam around their home, office, or a park and have the freedom to voice record their thoughts and concerns with greater accuracy,” said Gaurav Singh, Founder & CEO of The company already serves as many as 250 global enterprises with its innovative solutions. which has been researching perfecting machine-to-human interactions realized that bots can comprehend text much quickly and efficiently. Hence, it came up with the idea of transcribing. has always been trying to ease the cumbersome process of registering complaints. This is one such attempt to turn a query more interactive and conversational. It has been proved that talking always allows customers to think fast, as compared to texting. It would reduce waiting time for bots and customers alike since customers don’t have to spend time typing lengthy sentences.
The platform is built to understand multiple languages. It already supports NLP across 14 Indian languages and the voice-to-text application allows customers to register complaints in their native language. It also helps serve specially-abled customers and helps universalize the function. 

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