Wassup Laundromat Launches Waterless Laundry With Qlnz

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Washing from thin air now made possible. India’s first waterless laundry.
India’s pioneer in Laundry service since 2011, Wassup has now launched a disruption in the laundry industry with Waterless laundry. Wassup introduces Qlnz technology patented in association with Aeronero where water is generated by the machine by air condensation for laundry washing and outlet water is recycled 95 percent to ensure that clean clothes do minimum damage to the water table.
Every laundromat consumes a minimum of 1000 litres of water every day. With Qlnz this is completely optimized as water generated from air is recycled and used over and over again with minimal wastage. This is a new patented technology by aeronero which achieves highest yield and recycling. Water thus generated and used has low TDS value therefore reduces use of detergent and bleach as well as keeps whites whiter and colours Brighter.
At Wassup, the company uses AIR to transform the Laundry industry and in an ecofriendly way disrupt the way water is being used in Laundry Process. The biggest raw materials in Laundry process is water.  A laundromat consumes on an average 1000 litres of water every day. Every single cycle of laundry consumes 30 to 50 litres of water. 1 garment consumes 2 litres of water for washing. That’s a lot of water!! To solve this problem, At Wassup, the company uses a patented technology from its partner Aeronero which Wassup calls as QLNZ. To start with, Qlnz generates water from air through a condensation process. This water is of the highest quality suitable for drinking purpose and this is being used in the washing process. Once the washing is done, the soap water from the washing process which is then recycled from soap water to again pure water through company’s patented water recycling technology which brings back water to the previous pure levels and keeps it to the right TDS and softness. This process enables Wassup to recycle water upto 95%.
Water generation and water recycling have been done before independently. What is probably the first time in the world is that Wassup uses this combination to solve the water problem for the Laundry business and ensure that Laundry is 100% water sustainable and independent. And also what’s again a first is that all this is being done in a compact 2 feet by 2 feet machine that doesn’t take too much of space. 
QLNZ technology makes laundries 100% water free and recycles water upto 95%.
The residue from water recycling is organic and can be disposed of as plant manure.
The advantages of this technology are that –

  1. Laundry is no more a water source dependent business.
  2. This is sustainable, eco-friendly and “Water neutral”. Every wash of a customer with Wassup now saves 30 litres of water for the planet. Every day a Wassup Laundromat saves 1000 + litres of water for the planet and gives back to the environment.
  3. Laundry business doesn’t have to look for real estate that has access to water or sewage lines – no pollution issue.
  4. Water generated is of highest quality and right TDS levels to keep whites whiter and colours brighter.
  5. Customer cost is the same as water cost is less than 10 paisa per litre which ensures the cost of washing doesn’t increase.

Balachandar. R Founder Wassup observes that – “What you do regularly is not enough anymore. It is how you do it. The world doesn’t need more companies doing things the same way, but we need to innovate and do things differently.

Wassup has been a pioneer in the laundry space since 2011. What we are launching today is a very powerful concept and technology having potential to disrupt the laundry space. We are now introducing Waterless laundry / Water neutral laundry which is probably the first time in the world where both the water generation and water recycling technology is being used in this sector. With this technology, we are confident we will be revolutionising this industry with technology that will make a huge shift from making Laundry a water source dependant business to a water source independent business. We will now be franchising Wassup Laundromats with Qlnz technology starting at Rs 5 lakhs, 12 lakhs, 15 lakhs thereby democratising the technology to ensure fast spread of this technology for the benefit of this planet. Join us to become our Franchisee to create Laundromats across the world using Waterless Laundry Technology. Write to me at bala@laundryproject.in.”
Durga Das Founder Wassup & Aeronero says – “The partnership between Wassup a pioneer in Laundry business and the team at Aeronero to take this use case of Laundry and to come up with a Waterless laundry concept is a win win win – for business, customers and for the planet as well. We are hoping that this technology will be extensively used in laundry industry in the coming years.”
For more details on Qlnz pls visit –  https://wassup.me/qlnz/

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