Man caught sending images of defence area to Pakistan

On October 4, a man was arrested for sending pictures of a defence area at Deolali, Maharashtra to a Whatsapp group in Pakistan. 

The 21-year-man, Sanjeev Kumar was taken into custody after he was seen clicking images of the Military Hospital area in Nashik.

There are a lot of defence establishments in the Deolali town in Nashik such as the Artillery Centre and the Combat Army Aviation training school, School of Artillery. 

In the interrogation, the soldiers confirmed that he was sending images to a WhatsApp group in Pakistan after his mobile phone was checked. Later, he was handed over to the police in the Army camp at Deolali on October 3. It was found that the accused belonged to Gopalganj district, Bihar. He worked as a labourer in a construction site in the Army region and lived near the Deolali Camp Railway Station.

An Army officer had registered a police complaint and the accused was charged under the provisions of the Official Secrets Act. 

A suspect has been detained from the Deolali Army Camp in Nashik in  Maharashtra - Suspect caught from Devlali Army Camp, photographed and sent  to Pakistan »
Army camp at Deolali photo credits- tech for FTCP

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