Girls behind Viral Aunty

Definitely, Aunty’s opinion on women wearing short dresses is inviting men to rape them is very sad, when it comes from a women itself. Let’s talk about the other side of the story where did all this began from?

As you can see the video is not complete. It has been uploaded after the argument got heated up. Question is the way those girls there provoked the said ‘Viral Aunty’ which can be seen very clearly in the video, was that right? Instead creating such scene weren’t they educated or cool enough to educate or make the ‘Viral Aunty’ understand about her ideas behind the short dresses has got nothing to do with the rape. “It’s the Rapist, not the Dress’. I always had immense respect for women. A women talking ill about another women is something that would make me worried always.

Women need to support each other, educate, awaken, instead dealing harshly or acting rebellion because this way it’s only going to make the other person more arrogant and furious about the issue. Also the ‘Viral Aunty’ wasn’t dealing it maturely either. I feel bad and worried when i come across people with such mentality amongst us. Social media has a great powers & this incident is an example itself. One must use it wisely. Aunty is viral anyway, I hope she doesn’t think about the dresses the same.

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