Here’s how you can help man’s best friend in the pandemic

There is no saying that the people and business have been hit hard due to this pandemic. Many succumbed to the deadly virus, while many are struggling to outlive it. While people are busy hoping to save one, man’s loyal and best friends are being neglected. Coronavirus has not just affected humans but it is also playing havoc with the lives of animals.

While we give sweet and comforting hugs to our pets, some poor pups live on the streets and are often deprived of all the warmth and affection. Pandemic or not, feeding hungry stray animals is not universally accepted. Strays are the worst affected amid the lockdown, with food joints facing complete closure, these animals are withstanding the worst of starvation. However, there’s a lot we can do to help them, a mere bowl of water on the sidewalk could save a dozen animals and birds.

Though there are organizations who are doing much for these beloved animals there are few simple ways we can help the stray around us.

  1. Identify the stray dogs in our area

Identify the stray dogs that are incapable of surviving on their own. This will help you to find the animals that are in dire need of the food and get the appropriate amount of food for them. Get or make foods that are nutritious for the stray dogs. Food like Chapati (roti) and biscuits like Parle-G.

  • Provide water

Provide the strays with ample of water to satisfy their thirst.

  • Donate supplies
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Source: dnaindia

You can also donate food or supplies to animal organizations or animal shelters in order to contribute.

  • Contact the animal shelter or community dog shelter
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Source: BangkokPost

If you see a dog that looks weak or in need for medical assistance contact the animal shelter and let them know the condition of the dog so that they can arrive as soon as possible and provide medical attention.

  • Wait for the professional help

In addition to the last point, if you have contacted the animal shelter make sure you wait until the professional help arrives. It can be more time saving if you yourself can take the stray dog to the animal shelter.

  • Foster or adopt
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Source: petfinder.con

You can always adopt or foster a dog if you think you are up for it. You would have found a best friend and would have saved a life in return.

You can always donate to organizations who are working towards the needs of stray animals.

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