Estee Lauder serum will leave earth today for a commercial shoot in space

American Company Estee Lauder is the multinational beauty manufacturer behind some of this planet’s best-loved skincare and makeup products, is now sending its new Advanced Night Repair serum to space for a commercial shoot.

As per the Bloomberg report, the U.S. cosmetics group is spending $128,000 for NASA to fly ten bottles of serum to the ISS, since International Space Station is an important laboratory for scientific and high-tech research, but a different payload is impending on ISS resupply mission by giving the space station an additional commercial touch, a pack of skin care products that ISS astronauts will picture against the spectacular panoramic view from the space station. Once there astronauts will take pictures of Estee Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair the images will be used on social media, with the company planning to auction one bottle off for charity when the items return to Earth this spring.

Further, the company stated, as a beauty industry leader in science and innovation they are the first-ever beauty brand to join NASA’s efforts to enable business opportunities on ISS. Besides this, the motive behind choosing this iconic product has its long history in the beauty industry. As when it was launched in 1982 as Night Repair, it was the first nighttime repair serum in the beauty industry and the first-ever beauty product to use hyaluronic acid. Now, 30 years later, they are adding another first to its legacies as the first serum to launch into space.

The product will leave Earth for a commercial resupply mission today (October 1).

The American space agency had announced last year, “NASA is opening the International Space Station for commercial business so U.S. industry groundbreaking ideas can quicken to develop the commercial economy in low-Earth orbit.”

The global recession triggered by the coronavirus pandemic, has pushed brands to get more creative with their advertising because consumers are cutting back. Within beauty, several companies are spending less on traditional ads, while looking for new ways to break through the glut of content out there. To this NASA’s director of commercial spaceflight development added: “We need to expand people’s perspective on what we can accomplish in space”.

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