Greta Thunberg and youth Protests, resumes strikes for climate crisis

2020 seems to be the year that our ancestors warned us about, as this year biggest natural, human and man-made disasters occurred along with this outbreak of deadly virus, everywhere we faced some or the other losses. Greta Thunberg says the world needs to fight the pandemic and climate change simultaneously and should take action who tries to delay actions on curbing the crisis.

As she highlighted the concern if we see the record of this year disasters then as soon as 2020 came and when most of the countries were celebrating new year, Australia was facing one of its biggest natural disasters and several states called for emergency in January, with an estimate of 18.6 million hectares bushfire burned, over  5900 buildings were destroyed and 400 people were killed due to the residual smoke inhalation, soon after this incident, Indonesia destroyed by massive devastating floods on January 1, 2020 due to this  over 4 lakh people were forced to flee from their homes and eventually 66 people had lost their lives and hence the dreaded coronavirus outbreak started spreading as global virus, soon after WHO declared it as a pandemic and amidst the chaos of Pandemic everyone was terrified as some or the other natural disasters occurrence was in continuation, like Volcano eruption in the Philippines. Consequently there were earthquakes in various countries like turkey, china, Iran, India, Russia not only this millions of desert locusts have swarmed in east Africa and parts of India

Therefore after looking such natural disasters an International environmental activist Greta Thunberg resumed her school strikes week 110 on this Friday to demand urgent action to halt catastrophic climate change, in their first global action during the coronavirus pandemic.

Greta along with dozen other protestors, gathered in front of Parliament in Stockholm and protestors said this protests would remind politicians that while the world is focused on COVID-19, the climate crisis has not gone away, following this she quoted some politicians have called for climate actions to be put on hold. Hence they rallied in various cities to raise awareness, alter public opinion and put pressure on people to become more responsible towards climate and solve this crisis.

They were holding banners that says “Stop Denying the Climate is dying” and “Don’t Be a Fossil Fool”, and many had slogans and symbols on their face masks and only 50 participants were allowed due to global pandemic, Covid-19. Protestors demanded that lawmakers should stick to the 2015 landmark Paris climate deal that asks both rich and poor countries to take action to curb the rise in global temperatures that is melting glaciers, raising sea levels and shifting rainfall patterns.

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