I survived everything because I was determined to survive; says Sylvia Goldsholl

by Khushi Mehra

Survivor. That’s what Sylvia Goldsholl, calls herself. The 108 years old New Jersey woman is still as plucky as ever, being one of the oldest to survive in the country. She has lived both, the 1918 flu pandemic and current Corona virus pandemic, the label she gave herself fits. Long-term care facilities have become hot spots, filled with an unguarded population. It requires close interactions between residents and caretakers, and many of them have complained that they had not received enough protective equipment.

As a child, she lived through the Spanish flu pandemic in 1918-1919, the two world wars and the Great Depression. “She’s Forrest Gump,” said her nephew, Larry Goldsholl. During the interview with News 12 New Jersey, Ms Sylvia said, “I survived everything because I was determined to survive.” Larry Goldsholl said that when he heard about his aunt being affected he didn’t know what to think because she has survived so much at this point. “We thought, ‘well, this could be it,’ but knowing her, I should have known better. People who live that long have a good immune system,” he added.

Michael Brienza, an administrator for Allendale centre, said, “Ms.Goldsholl was never hospitalized or put on a ventilator. She’s got a survival mentality and her family supported her through all this. As she says, love helps you get through things.”

Just like Ms.Sylvia Goldsholl, Phil Corio is also 108 years old and is one the oldest person in New Mexico and the U.S. Phil said, ” I remember being sick and going to the hospital, but it seemed the same as having the flu. It starts with a sore throat that progresses to severe cough and difficulty in breathing.” He says that he thought it was just the flu since no COVID-19 cases were been reported in New Mexico.

At his daily rundown on the virus, Gov.Philip D.Murphy of New Jersey hailed Ms.Goldsholl “a tremendous life, a tremendous spirit, and a tremendous show of strength” as a role model to other survivors or fighters.Officials described Sylvia as an analytical person who likes smart conversations. She is known as a “Big Sister” for her outspokenness and her advocacy for fellow residence. Ms Chazen said, “I don’t know her secret to longevity.” Her nephew added saying, “but she’s very feisty.”

There are many survival stories around us. If you are being afraid you are just making yourself weak. You should cherish the moment you are living, just like Ms.Sylvia Goldsholl did in her 108 years of life and many more to go.

Image Credits:- The New York Times

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