UK considering minting a coin to memorialize Gandhi on his birth anniversary

Gandhi, who was born on October 2 1869, preached Non-violence throughout his life and gave huge contributions in the Independence of India. His birthday i..

United Kingdom is considering minting a coin to memorialize the contributions of Mahatma Gandhi, the hero of independence in India.

This came amid growing interest in the contribution of the people from Black, Asians and minority ethnic communities (BAME).

Rishi Sunak, UK’s Finance Minister requested the Royal Mint Advisory Committee (RMAC) to provide recognition to individuals belonging in these communities. The UK Treasury announced the move on Saturday, amid growing interest in recognising the contributions of minorities.

“Yesterday, I wrote to the Royal Mint urging them to consider how to celebrate the achievements of BAME (Black, Asian and other ethnic minority communities) individuals on UK coinage,” said Sunak in a statement issued on social media.

“Black, Asian and other ethnic minority communities (BAME) have made a profound contribution to the shared history of the United Kingdom,” reads Sunak’s letter to Lord Waldegrave.

“For generations, ethnic minority groups have fought and died for this country we have built together; taught our children, nursed the sick, cared for the elderly; and through their enterprising spirit have started some of our most exciting and dynamic businesses, creating jobs and driving growth,” it reads.

He would be the first non-white person to feature on British currency.

“RMAC is currently considering a coin to commemorate Gandhi”, the Treasury said.

The RMAC is an independent committee consisted of experts who recommend themes and designs for coins to Britain’s finance minister, the Chancellor of the Exchequer.

Gandhi, who was born on October 2 1869, preached Non-violence throughout his life and gave huge contributions in the Independence of India. His birthday is recognized as International Day of Non-violence.

A Hindu radical assassinated him on January 30, 1948, just a few months after he led India to freedom from British rule. He is referred to as India’s “Father of the nation”.

In June, a statue of Gandhi in London was defaced during Black Lives Matter protests.

Mahatma Gandhi statue defaced in London | Photo Credits: OPIndia

The death of American Black man George Floyed in USA sparked a series or outrage after a Minneapolis police officer knelt on his neck for nearly nine minutes. Following this incident, many British organizations and institutions started reassessing their past.

Many organizations have taken initiatives to make investments to help the Black, Asians and Minority Ethnic communities and to support racial heterogeneity. Floyd’s death has led to global protests against racism, colonialism and police brutality. Members of the BAME communities have made a “profound contribution” and that the committee should consider recognizing it on the UK’s coinage, said Rishi Sunak in his letter to the RMAC.

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Written by Afsha Shaikh

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