Volvo’s ‘Lifesaver’ an initiative to save lives

Volvo is an automobile company who has hired Ogilvy PR Worldwide to handle a corporate branding campaign across four countries. Volvo has introduced “Lifesaver” that is a car medical kit.

In the Netherlands, 17,000 people are stuck with a cardiac arrest every year. In case of cardiac arrest, it is important to gain medical health within 6 mins as that decides whether the person lives or dies but the average amount of time that an ambulance takes to help the patient is 9 mins. Hence, help arrives late.

In the ad campaign to announce this initiative, they documented the story of Rick, a man who was rescued because of the help of an AED in a car. The Lifesaver is a medical kit. They have equipped Volvos with an AED and connected them to the national call system for resuscitation. They have connected to Volvos drivers through social media and trained them to drive safely to cardiac arrest patients and how to use the AED. In the first 2 weeks, they’ve more than 200 drivers joined them where they only expected it to be around 25 volunteers, only at a budget of 9000 euros. This project received so much buzz that they exceeded the expectation of over 1000%. Volvo’s aim is that no one should be killed or seriously injured in a new Volvo but why stop there, if they can also save lives?

Such an initiative is important to be taken by India. It would help to reduce the rate of deaths caused due to road accidents. Kits like Lifesaver will help people to gain immediate medical attention until an actual ambulance arrives. Hoping for these kits to become a compulsory element in every car and help others whenever they need it.

Image Credits:- Ogilvy

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