Dark side of your shining makeup


This is a report by Lexy Lebsack: ‘Who investigates the dark world of child labor in the Mica mines of India. She finds out how exactly this mineral gets into cosmetics.’ It also brings a feeling of responsibility & concern towards the ‘Child rights’. Another side of the story is, how are the mining contractors using children for such purposes? Also there are certain illegal sites of mining operated under the eye of government. Government’s say : “We are not aware if the enforcement of child labour law is mandate’

We as a consumer are not going to stop makeup for sure, but what we can do as customer is to not buy brands involved in the act of mining or using mica directly or indirectly that affects lives of children. Question is, how do we know the source of mica?

You can always check for the ingredients the alternate of Mica is synthetic mica which is prepared in lab and has got nothing to do with mining or having an adverse effect of lives of people. Lush is one such brand that stands very firmly with the idea of not using any such ingredients in their products that has a death or loss related with it.

Video source: Dailymotion (Lexy Lebsack: Journalist)


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