Arnab Goswami physically assaulted and detained by the police for a ‘closed’ suicide case

After the failed attempt of the Mumbai police to accuse Arnab Goswami in TRP scam or for spreading disaffection among the police, they have again detained the editor-in-chief of the Republic Tv for the 2018 suicide case of the interior designer, Anvay Naik and his mother, Kumud Naik.

It is rumoured that he was physically assaulted by the police when they were taking him away in a car. He also told the reporters outside his residence that his family is also being assaulted inside the house.

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The Executive Editor, Niranjan Narayanswamy and senior associate editor Sanjay Pathak were not allowed to enter Arnab Goswami’s house. Over 40 armed police officers and 8 police vehicles had come to detain Arnab Goswami from his residence.

The suicide case in regard to which he is detained had taken place in May 2018 in Alibaug. The interior designer, Anvay Naik and his mother, Kumud Naik was found dead. According to the post-mortem report, the mother had strangulation marks on her neck implying the Anvay had killed her before committing suicide.

In the suicide note found in the residence in Alibaug, Anvay Naik claimed that he was in huge debt and Arnab Goswami of Republic Tv, Feroz Shaikh of IcastX and Niteish Sarda of Smartworks owed him more than five crores. Arnab Goswami owed him Rs 83 Lakhs. He had lent Goswami during the construction of Republic Media Network Studio.

Surprisingly, it can be said that the Police is looking for a way to tackle Arnab Goswami after he had disclosed their incompetent investigation skills. For the reason that the 2018 suicide case was already closed in 2019 by the Raigad police. But the Maharashtra government had again opened case earlier this year and the case is handled by the CID.

Arnab Goswami had been revealing the conspiracy in the murder case of Sushant Singh Rajput and the false statement of Param Vir Singh, Commissioner of Mumbai police whether it is regarding the TRP scam wherein the FIR Republic Tv was not mentioned but India today. He had even confronted the Maharashtra government for not probing into the Palghar case when three Sadhus were lynched.

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Apparently, the Maharashtra Chief Minister was questioned by the Maharashtra Governor about his religious sentiments as no strict action was taken against the lynching, to which he replied he does not need a certificate of religion from him.

Samyabrata Ray, Arnab Goswami’s wife told the reporters that the police officials had literally barged into their house at 7:55 am when they physically assaulted Arnab Goswami by holding his hair and took him into custody. She also stated that she was writing everything on a paper when the police stopped his by snatching it.

In April, this year Arnab Goswami and his wife were attacked by two men who threw liquid on their car windows. They were later grabbed by the security personnel and revealed that they were congress youth workers. Goswami later released a video of accusing Antonia Maino alias Sonia Gandhi of planning the attack.

It is rumoured that the police and the political parties had been looking for an opportunity to arrest Arnab Goswami for exposing the truth about the involvement in certain murder cases and putting an end to his ‘Media Trials’.

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Written by Shailly Agarwal

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