Bengaluru Moviegoers Gets A Suo-Moto

Bengaluru recently witnessed something un-usual inside a movie theatre where few moviegoers sat down during the Nation Anthem.

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The incident took place on Thursday, October 23 where a set of people were seen sitting down at their respective seats during the national anthem at PVR Orion Mall during the screening of the Tamil movie ‘Asuran’. They were caught by the Bengaluru Police and were filed under the Suo Moto case. The Suo Moto was filed against them under the Prevention of Insult to National Honour Act, 1971. The conflict emerged when it came out to the light that the Supreme Court hasn’t made the stand during National Anthem mandatory.

Also, a video went viral soon after the incident where it is seen that a bunch of moviegoers led by Kannada actor Arun Gowda was shaming and insulting two men, calling them “Pakistani Terrorists” for “not sparing 52 seconds for the country”. The actor was seen talking to the camera, pointing out to those who had failed to stand up. A Kannada actress BV Aishwarya shared this video on the Facebook post but later she took it down.

Gowda was seen talking to the camera stating, “When the Nation Anthem came on, these guys didn’t stand. Look at this guy. Look at their faces once again. They are telling us to file a complaint.” Another man’s voice went on saying,” Our soldiers are fighting for us in Kashmir and you guys are sitting here and don’t even stand for the National Anthem. Get out of this place.”

Later, when Gowda was questioned regarding the incident he says, “Whatever we have done, we have done peacefully. There is a video of this also. I was the one shouting: ‘please, let us not manhandle them.”

He also goes on to add,” Police are doing their duty. It is shameful that we are discussing this topic as Indian citizens. The National Anthem is our pride. People have sacrificed and now we have come to a situation where we are discussing whether to sit or stand for the national anthem.

The concern is- the new generation must be taught to stand for their country’s National Anthem since it is a matter of pride and to show some respect.

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Written by Sanghamitra Gogoi

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